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Here is a small case study to show you TCPRelay usage.

Your company is really serious about Internet security. To have a very secure mail solution you chose the following architecture:

One bridgehead server on Internet. This server is the only way for internals mail servers to send and receive e-mail. All mailboxes are hosted on the no routable IP internal server only.

Your boss ask for a solution to get company e-mail from home. You can't start POP3 protocol on the bridgehead because mailboxes are not hosted on this computer. One solution is to use TCPRelay.

You copy TCPRelay.exe on the bridgehead and install it (TCPRelay -install).

Then you open the registry and add the POP3 key and the Destination value.

tcprelay.gif (7305 bytes)

Then you type "net start tcprelay" and you have your POP3 access from Internet.

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