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This Windows NT service allow your computer to be a TCP relay.
This is a freeware.

What For ?
This very light program can help you with internet security.
For example your company have two network. One is available from internet, the other one is not routable for security purpose (intranet).
With TCPRelay you can open internet world to your intranet, and vice versa.
How ?
All parameters are in the registry.
Specify listening address and port, destination address and port, and who can connect. You can define as many profile as you want.
For who ?
Very fast, secure and easy to setup, TCPRelay is a great product for NT Administrators.
All warnings are traced in the event log. You can specify the trace level to help you with troubleshooting.
Very very light in memory and CPU.
This service is a fully multithread NT program.
Technical support
E-mail technical support, write to
You can write in English or French.
TCPRelay is freeware.