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Case Study

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This is a small case study to send an e-mail when a new file is received. The e-mail will contain the file name.
To send the e-mail we will use Blat. Get it and install it in c:\utils directory.

c:>blat -install

Install FileNotify, set environnement and configuration

In this case we will install FileNotify and Blat in c:\utils directory and we will monitor c:\ftproot directory structure.

Make the two directories, copy FileNotify.exe in c:\utils and make FileNotify.txt with the following content.

; FileNotify sample
1,1,1,1,c:\ftproot,c:\utils\sendmail.bat %s

This sample watch c:\ftproot directory, recursively, one action at a time, and the action start sendmail.bat

Install Filenotify with the command c:\utils\FileNotify -install
Start FileNotify "net start filenotify".

Now let see what's in sendmail.bat

echo The new file is %1 > c:\utils\msg.txt
c:\utils\blat c:\utils\msg.txt -s "New file in c:\ftproot" -t

Customize this file with your parameters.

Let's test FileNotify

Ok, you are ready to test it.

For example open NotePad, type in some text, and save this new file in c:\ftproot\test.txt. You receive an e-mail with the name of the new file.

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