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Version 1.9


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Completely rewritten version, FileNotify2, is now available


This Windows NT service propose you to parameter an action when a file or a directory is modified

 Screen shoot from the editor.

What For ?
For example to perform a specific action when someone put a file by FTP or network neighborhood.
Send an e-mail, do backup, perform data base integration...
You can also monitor file and directory security change !
Simply specify the program or batch to start.
How ?
With the editor (see screen shoot) simply tell what event you want to watch and the associated action.
For who ?
FileNotify is a great product for webmasters. Stop schedule directory pooling to perform action on customer data. The action you need occur when the is file ready for processing.
A log file with all performed action is written so you can troubleshoot abnormal behavior and do statistics.
All warnings are also written to NT's event log, so you can use your usual admin tools.
No heavy setup, no DLL dependencies, simply type in "FileNotify.exe -install" and you are ready to go. (see user guide)
This product uses file notification NT API, so it spends most of his time waiting.
Windows NT file system have build in notification scheme, FileNotify take advantage of it.
Very light in CPU and memory.
Technical support
E-mail technical support, write to
You can write in English or French.
Vous pouvez faire vos demandes de support technique en Franšais.
FileNotify is freeware.